Mi 11.11
    18:00 Uhr
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    Jessie Marino: »Fluidity of Musical Materials« :: ABGESAGT
    Öffentlicher Vortrag

    “Feeing the music thus involved feeling a lot of things not containable in sound, and things I could not literally feel… I was to be awake to the place where I am.” -Carolyn Chen

    Let’s speak about a fluid music.

    This is a music that finds itself in-between. Permeating spaces of music, sound, light, visuality, dance, gesture, theater, narrative and choosing from this plethora of material anything which the work finds necessary.

    This is a music obsessed with time and time’s organization. There are numerous structures: historically musical (rondo, sonata, fugue), historically theatrical (narrative), random and chance based, minimal/repetitive, to name a few….

    In a performance, an audience will be present and a mutual understanding is formed between audience and performer that you are here to witness/present something.

    But what kinds of baggage do these materials present, and how, as a time based art, is music

    prepared to deal with the cultural understandings of the material itself?