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Marco Bidin

Fach: Komposition Computer Musik

Erdbeerweg 25

70619 Stuttgart

Marco Bidin is a composer, organist and harpsichord player, currently working as a lecturer for the Studio for Electronic Music at the HMDK Stuttgart.

After graduating in Organ at the Conservatory of Udine, Italy, he studied Early Music (L. Ghielmi, E. Bellotti, A. Rinaldi among others) and Organ (C. Bossert) in Trossingen.  At the HMDK Stuttgart, under the guidance of Marco Stroppa, he recently completed the terminal degree in Composition with the dissertation “Early Music as inspiration for Contemporary Classical composition”, and the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Computer Music with a dissertation on the usage of electronics as an extension to chamber music. He also studied Computer Music with P.J. Meyer and Contemporary Music Performance with J.H. Hahn.

He lectured, gave courses and performed as a soloist in Europe and Asia, and his compositions have been performed in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Japan, South Korea and China.