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Ariel Doron

Fach: Figurentheater

+49 (0)176 21455671

Ariel is a puppeteer, director and performer.

In his work, he uses few words and a lot of playfulness to talk about social and political subjects. 

In “Plastic Heroes” he explores our passion for violence by looking at the toys children play with. 

In “Pinhas” he takes the ancient traditional hand puppet (“Kasperle”) into the heart of Israeli society.

In "Besuchszeit Vorbei", directed for TJG Dresden, he confronts audience with their role as viewers in a mass execution of puppets.

Ariel has toured his shows in more 30 countries worldwide and is currently living in Germany, creates, performs, teaches, directs and collaborates with theaters and institutions such as TJG Dresden, Schauburg München, Maxim Gorki, FITZ!, Hanut 31,HMDK Stuttgart, and more..

He studied Cinema in Tel Aviv University, took puppetry classes in the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, and variety of workshops in places such as  Institute International de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mezieres and Train Theatre, Jerusalem.