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    Health Insurance and Health

    All students must show proof of health insurance by the time of enrollment the latest.
    Different rules apply to students from EU and non EU-countries.

    Students from EU countries (e.g. Erasmus-program)

    As a citizen from an EU country you do not need to take out a German health insurance. You must carry your EHIC card (= European health insurance card) with you and hand the International Office a copy of it or a proof of your health insurance.
    The same applies to students from the UK: You are required to carry your GHIC card (= UK Global Health Insurance card) with you and hand a copy of it to the International Office or a proof of your health insurance.
    Furthermore, students who are from countries that have a social security agreement with Germany do not need to take out a German health insurance. These are for example Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia or Turkey.

    Students from non-EU countries (e.g. overseas)

    Students from countries, whose health insurance is not recognized in Germany, must take out their own health insurance with a statutory health insurance provider. The monthly contribution is around 120 €.
    You will need the following to take out health insurance

    • Letter of admission
    • passport sized photo
    • IBAN of the German bank account

    Subsequently, proof of health insurance must be submitted to the International Office of the University.

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