International Office

    Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM für Studierende

    Highly qualified students from all faculties at HMDK and highly qualified students from partner universities worldwide may apply for a BW-STIPENDIUM

    The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM is a programme/scholarship established by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, which serves to support the international exchange of highly-qualified young people/students – both Germans and non-Germans. 


    Target group:
    University students with good to excellent results in all state and some private universities in Baden-Württemberg and their partner universities abroad.

    3–11 months

    at a foreign partner university (e.g. Manhattan School of Music New York, Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, University of Oregon - Oregon BW Landesprogramm, École National Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette, partner universities in Switzerland, etc.)

    Level of the scholarship:
    600–1,400 euros per month

    Important information:

    • Complete Bachelor or Masters degree courses and PhD programmes cannot be supported by the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM.
    • The HMDK has the option of developing individual solutions in which, for instance, the distance to the partner university, any possible study fees, the costs of living in the host country, any possible currency differences or particular visa requirements, etc. may be taken into account.
    • The level of the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM depends partly on the course semester and the course progress (undergraduate/graduate sectors).

    Interested students are requested to contact their main subject teacher and submit a short application with a detailed letter of motivation for the planned stay abroad to the faculty by 17 January 2024 at the latest.
    In addition, an application for an exchange place at a partner university must be submitted to the AAA (by 31 January 2024 at the latest) and, after selection, an online application must be submitted to the Baden-Württem-berg Foundation (registration link available at the International Office).

    Call for applications 2024/25