General Students' Committee


    All students can apply for lockers! Please write your name on the waiting list, which you'll find at the board next to the Student Union (AStA) office on floor 6. You will get your lockers in order of the names on this list (it is possible that you may have to wait more than one semester). If there are new lockers available, the tutor responsible for lockers will put up a list of names of the students who can get these lockers. You can then come and collect your key and locker number in the office hours of the tutor. Please bring a security deposit of 25€.

    Cello Students can come directly to the office hours or write an email, since there is a separate waiting list for cello lockers.
    Students of the schools of acting, speaking and EMP can also come directly to the tutor during office hours since they have assigned lockers.

    If there are several keys for a locker it is possible to share the locker with another student. If you're interested, just stop by or write an email.

    To assure a fair process, it is not allowed to give your locker to someone else. If you don't need your locker anymore, please return the key and we will inform the next person on the waiting list.

    If you're going to graduate soon: If you're leaving the HMDK and want to get your diploma, you have to prove that you don't have any property of the HMDK in your possession. In order to prove that you will need a few signatures, including one from the tutor responsible for lockers (even if you never had a locker). Please come and get that signature during the semester while the university is in session. There are no regular office hours outside of the lecture period!