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    Equipment Rental

    The HMDK Student Union offers EQUIPMENT RENTAL to students without charge. You only have to leave a deposit of 50 euros. If the equipment is damaged during the rental, your deposit helps to pay for repairs or replacements.
    The equipment will usually be rented out for one workeday, but there may be exceptions.
    Please be careful with the equipment as you are accountable for any damage dealt to the equipment. Please use the provided cases.

    We suggest you reserve the equipment via the form below. You will receive a mail from the Student Union if a rental is possible, confirming your reservation.

    List of provided equipment:

    1. Audio recorder
      Three sets of Zoom H2n-audio-recorders incl. accessories and an 8GB SDCard are available to rent.
      Deposit for each set: 50 €

    2. Video recorder (Sony-Camcorder)
      There are three available sets of Sony HDR-PJ410-videorecorders incl. Mikro-SD-Card (64GB). A stand can be rented separately (see number 6.).
      Deposit for each set: 50 €

    3. 4K-video camera (GoPro)
      2 sets of GoPro Hero 8 Black for videos in 4K quality are available. Included in this set is an Audio-Mod for good sound quality, a Mikro-SD-Card (128GB) and multiple fixtures. Further accessories like stands can be rented separately.
      Deposit for each set: 50 €

    4. Combined Video-/Audiorecorder
      The Zoom Q8 Recorder can provide sound and video recordings im one and can be easily commented to ecternal microphones via XLR (see number 5).
      A Mikro-SD-Card (64/128GB) will be provided in this set, a vamera stand can be rented separately (see number 6).
      Deposit for each set: 50 €

    5. Mikrophone set
      There are 2 sets of Behringer C2-Kondensator microphones . They can be connected with the Zoom Q8 Recorder easily.
      The sets include: Stereoset of 2 Kondensator microphones, microphone cable, 2 microphone clips. There is also a microphone stand available wich can be rented additionally.
      Deposit for each set: 50 €
      Deposit microphone stand: 10 €

    6. Tripods
      There are 8 camera stands available.
      Deposit Tripod: 10 €

    7. Bluetooth speaker (BOSE Soundlink Revolve II)
      Incl. charging cable and plug.
      Deposit per set: 50€

    NEW: SD- and Micro-SD-cards will not be rented without further equipment.

    Reservation request