General Students' Committee

    Das AStA-Team im Sommersemester 2024

    David Cheema
    Sophia Endres
    Matthias Marszalek
    Johanna Nippa
    Viktoria-Anna Thiel
    Anna Zimmermann

    AStA in Detail

    Who is the AStA and what are its tasks?

    • The General Students' Committee (German = AStA) is the political representation of students inside and outside the university.
    •  It acts as a mouthpiece between the students and the university administration and is made up of students who are elected once a semester by all students.
    • Every student enrolled at HMDK Stuttgart can stand for election. If you are interested, please contact one of the current AStA members.
    • The AStA is in regular contact with the Rector, the Chancellor and the administration.
    • It has the right to be heard in administrative decisions and tries to exercise this right in the interest of all students.
    • In addition, the AStA represents the students in the supervisory body of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and in the awarding commission for the Deutschlandstipendium.
    • The AStA members are permanent contacts for all students and those interested in studying.
    • In addition, the AStA regularly exchanges ideas with other ASten at the LAK (Landes-AStenkonferenz BW), the MuLAK (Musikhochschul-Landes-AStenkonferenz BW), the StuKoM (Studierendenkonferenz der Musikhochschulen in Deutschland), and the networking meeting of the Stuttgart universities.

    In addition, the AStA also takes care of some things that make life nicer:

    • free opera tickets and tickets for the Liederhalle
    • free rental of video cameras and recording equipment
    • new ideas for the interior design in the building (e.g.: installing a rest area with couches, etc.)
    • allocation of lockers
    • Help with setting up the university W-LAN on your laptops, smartphones, etc.
    • Organising activities such as the university party and the freshers' programme
    • Collecting lost property - have you lost or forgotten an important item? Come by and ask!
    • Publishing the AStA-News

    Your AStA team is looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!