Institute for String and Plucked String Instruments

Faculty II

The faculty’s teaching staff are internationally renowned instrument teachers, many of them with a permanent place on the worldwide concert circuit.

As with other faculties, we want to maximize your potential and make your time with us as rewarding as possible. Each main field of study is complemented by a comprehensive range of classes which make an important contribution towards your development as a versatile and modern musician. This includes orchestral playing and orchestra studies, methodology of your major subject, chamber music as well as authentic performance practice of baroque and contemporary music. You can choose to study for a Bachelor degree, Master’s degree or post-gradual concert exams in all major studies, and also in the special fields, of Ancient music, New music and chamber music.  

One feature we are particularly proud of is the opportunity to study as a string quartet at the Vogler quartet.

As in other areas, we constantly strive to promote active cooperation across all of the universities faculties and departments. Students liaise with one another in common projects and enjoy discovering new areas of potential while working with the departments of New music, Musicology and the School of Opera. .

Finally, it is worth noting that our teaching staff organize regular chamber music concerts that are always very popular. And joint performances involving both teachers and students have become a tradition.