Master Theory and Practice of Experimental Performance


    The new Master’s degree in the Theory and Practice of Experimental Performance is currently in the process of accreditation. The MA is currently being set up by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Walshe und Prof. Dr. Judith Siegmund, who can be contacted here for further information.
    The call for applications will be posted in April 2020 on HMDK’s Campus Gegenwart website ( as well as on various social media platforms and mailing lists.

    The deadline for application is April 15th 2020.
    The MA is planned to commence in Winter Semester, October 2020.

    The MA in the Theory and Practice of Experimental Performance is highly interdisciplinary, and lasts for two years. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any subject are welcome. All applicants are required to have experience in performative work. Experience with theoretical work is desired but not mandatory.
    Each MA student will be coached on the development of both their own individual performance projects, as well as collaborative work with others. Parallel to the practical work, students will develop theoretical formats and writing skills for reflecting on experimental performance and also on their own work.