Creative Competences


Our students get manual and technical basic knowledge for the animation of objects and material as well as for animation, creation and construction of figures. The essential aim of the studies is to be able to work professionally and autonomously as an artiste in the contemporary scenery of puppetry theatre and visual arts.

Thus, the bachelor degree course of puppetry and animation provides the students with all skills they will need to be able to work professionally as a visual artiste on stage as well as in film and television.

The course, lasting 4 years, is integrated in faculty IV of the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts and therefore offers networking with other artistic subjects of the university (music/acting/vocal art/opera/theatre). The graduates will be awarded with the academic degree of »Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – Visual Theatre and Puppetry«.

In year 4 the students will have the chance to develop their own profile within the three scopes of the studies (construction of puppets/design, performing/interpretation and conception/directing) in order to focus on specific skills and to specialize themselves.