Information about the entrance exam



  • a general qualification for university entrance (e.g. Abitur) and successful completion of the university’s entrance exam. After having successfully passed the entrance exam, applicants without qualification for university entry or adequate secondary school education have the possibility to pass in addition a so called "aptitude test". Successful completion of this test is the precondition for an admission to the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts.

  • Medical report on the physical and vocal requirements to practice the profession as a player of contemporary puppet and object-theatre
  • Applicants from not German-speaking countries have to prove knowledge of German language (LevelTestDaF3) for the entrance examination. Applicants who cannot give proof of the required German qualification and certificates, may in justified cases be admitted to the entrance examination on special application. Applicants who achieve excellent results in the entrance examination, are allowed to hand in missing language certificates by the end of the first semester of studies, at the latest.
  • Application deadline 1. April dates and deadlines

  • Entrance exam dates once a year at the Beginning of July

  • Costs of the entrance exam: € 50


  1. Self documentation (folder, artistic works of any kind, list of previous artistic activities (if available), motivation letter, CV) – to be sent together with the application form.

  2. Scenes

    • Prepared tasks: performance of two autonomously developed scenes, total duration 10 min.

      • Scene with one or two puppets (any animation technique is possible) and text (dramatic literature not compulsive)
      • Free scene (figure, object, material)

    • Non-prepared tasks: improvisation

  3. Workshop (duration 2 days)
    Active participation in a workshop directes by the teachers of the puppet theatre course for those applicants who will be shortlisted. A song is to be prepared for this workshop.(Accompaniment on your own instrument is possible.)

Figurentheater – was ist das eigentlich ?

Links zum Thema Figurentheater

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FIDENA 2006 - Unter die Haut

COMPAGNIE ROYAL DE LUXE - Shortfilm 2009 - Part 1 - Die Riesen in Berlin 2009

Behind the Curtain: War Horse - Joey the Horse

Institutionen und Produktionshäuser:

Freie Theater (Auswahl):

Puppen in Film / Fernsehen:

  • La double vie de Veronique
  • Being John Malkovic
  • Team America: World Police
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  • The making of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1996) part 1 / 2
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