Master Jazz / Jazz-Composition

    Master Jazz 
    The master degree can be achieved with the main instruments trumpet, trombone, saxophon, vocal, piano, guitar, drum set, double bass, electric bass or other main instruments. The curriculum enables the students to deeper studies of their main instruments and the master ensembles take the high levels of playing into account. Apart from that, many choices are up to he students themselves: courses of all the university’s departements can be chosen besides the jazz departement’s offers.

    Master Jazz-Composition
    The master degree is meant for jazz musicians who as bandleaders already have proven a talent and a certain amount of pieces and see themeselves and already know that composing will play an important in their musical lives. Refinement of thinking and acting in terms of composition is the core of the studies, the classic concept of composer/arranger is a possible approach but for sure not the only one. Composition projects take place reguarly. Besides the big band the university provides ensembles from different departements to perform the works.

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