Bachelor Church Music

    The Church music B Bachelor program totals 8 semesters. The course is divided into two  phases each of 4 semesters.

    In addition to your main artistic subject of organ, organ improvisation and conducting, the syllabus in semesters 1-4 (known as the basic undergraduate phase) includes: singing, piano, music theory (rudiments of composition, study of harmony, counterpoint , instrumentation), musicology, aural training, thorough bass, score playing, organ building and children’s choir practice. Additionally, you will be grounded in church modules that specifically relate to each confession. Your intermediate examination completes the basic undergraduate phase of your studies.

    Semesters 5-8 (known as the advanced undergraduate phase) concentrate more on your main artistic fields of study and the oratorio conducting module. Analysis is a reflection module. You will continue the ensemble practice (choir). You will be able to set individual main focuses, choosing from a wide range of optional modules.  The Church music A Master program is understood as a direct continuation of the Church music B Bachelor program.

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