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I. EntranceExamCheck (EEC)

The EntranceExamCheck (in short: EEC) offers a free and non-committal opportunity to prepare for the entrance exam. It is possible for any person interested in studying at the Stuttgart University to participate, whether they have already applied or not. Application is required for participating (see below). For the classical spectrum, there is one EEC in autumn and one in spring to prepare students for the entrance exams in music theory, aural training, piano, vocals, improvised song-playing and conducting. For the areas of jazz/pop, there is a separate jazz/pop EEC in January providing guidance on applying to this field of study, and on the exam elements of aural training and theory.

Dates of the next EECs

  • 07 November 2020 | Registration from now until 01 November
    ANTTENTION: limited number of 38 participants!

  • 06 February 2021 | Jazz & Pop-APC (application due 30 January 2021 to Prof. Rainer Tempel)

Requirements of the entrance exams

Which partial exams must be taken during the entrance exam depends on the chosen course of study. The sites with information on different courses of study include the link "Requirements of the entrance exami" on the right-hand side. Here you will find a concrete description of the different partial exams and the contents of each. We recommend that in the EEC, in addition to the offers related to music theory and aural training, you take advantage of the auditioning opportunities relevant to your desired study programme in order to prepare properly.

II. Preparation for the (instrumental) major field of study

Please contact one of our major field lecturers and request an audition, without obligation. This gives you a chance to get to know the lecturer who may teach you in the upcoming years, as well as derive feedback and tips for further preparation. To contact the teaching staff, please refer to the respective faculty's or institute's website or the register of persons (see links on the right).

III. Preparation for music theory / aural training

Option 1

To familiarize yourself with the exams, look at a sample of the entrance exam in music theory here:
Sample of music theory entrance exam

and a sample of the entrance exam in aural training here:
Sample of aural training entrance exam

with the solutions:
Solution to the sample entrance exam in aural training

Option 2

The Stuttgart music school – among others – offers courses of one or two semesters in length for preparation for the entrance exam to universities of music who offer instruction in the subjects of music theory and aural training (for more detailed information, please refer to