All you need to know about applying to us


    You will find detailed information about the contents and requirements of the entrance exams in the individual study subjects on the pages of the respective study program. This information can also be found in the matriculation regulations.

    Acceptance to study at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart is possible for the summer as well as the winter semesters. The only courses of study exempted from this are those required to become a Bachelor and a Master in Jazz & Pop as well as Performing Arts, Puppetry, Spoken Arts and Communication Pedagogy, Elementary Music Pedagogy, Master Theory and Practice of Experimental Performance and the advanced education Master classes, to which students are accepted only once per year at the start of the winter semester. Please note that 1 November is the last date to register for the entrance exam for the Performing Arts Bachelor degree course.

    1) Registration for the Entrance Exam is only possible online  through the Frontpage of the Website
    Deadline for the Summer Semester 2023 from 1 October to 2 November 2022
    Deadline for the Winter Semester 2023/24 from 1 March to 3 April 2023

    Do you already study at HMDK Stuttgart and you would like to apply for another or additional study program?
    Please be aware, that we do accept online applications only.
    Please note that there is an application fee of 50 €. Without the online application, your application cannot be considered.

    2)  In order to being accepted for the Entrance Exam, you need to print out the Application Form provided online and submit it to the University Exam Office along with the following documents: (before the due date)

    • CV in table form, giving information on academic credentials, professional education and artistic activity to date;

    • Proof of payment of the processing fee of 50 € (documentation of your money transfer: beneficiary: LOK BA-Wü/MHS Stgt, IBAN: DE 02 6005 01017495530102, BIC CODE: SOLADEST600. Reference: 8587200001142. Must be indicated!);

    • Certified copy of the document authorising University Enrollment (as a rule, German secondary school graduation certificate);

    • Applicants who do not have proof of University entrance qualification must provide a statement indicating their intention to participate in the aptitude test for admission to the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart;

    • Applicants intending to enroll in the Puppetry courses: a medical health certificate stating that they do not carry any infectious diseases;

    • Applicants intending to enroll in Performing Arts and Spoken Arts and Communication Pedagogy courses: a certificate from an othorhinolaryngologist stating that there are no voice or speech disorders;

    • Teenagers: a declaration of consent issued by the person/s having parental authority.
    • Applicants who have previously studied at another university must submit their applications with proof of their studies and exams already taken.

    Any documents not submitted in German must be presented in the form of a certified German translation.Any applications for admission submitted either incompletely or in an untimely manner may be refused. In such cases there is no right to be admitted to the Entrance Exam.

    Information for Applicants from the People's Republic of China on the APS Certificate
    (Certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centre, Cultural Department of the German Embassy in Beijing)

    Due to a decision of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs on 17.03.2006 as amended on 10.12.2015, all applicants from the People's Republic of China are requested to submit additional proof before registering for the entrance examination at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.

    This means:

    1. you are studying in China or have already completed your studies there:

    • An application to the HMDK Stuttgart is only possible on presentation of an APS certificate.
    • To do this, you must register online at ( and then submit the printed confirmation of registration and the other required documents to the Academic Evaluation Centre at the German Embassy in Beijing. They will review your documents and, if necessary, invite you to an interview. If the result of the examination is positive, a certificate will be issued.
    • You send this certificate to the university together with your application documents.
    • Applicants who present the certificate and the invitation to the entrance examination will be granted a visa by the German Embassy in a simplified procedure.
    • Applicants who are already in Germany must also submit an APS certificate to the HMDK.

    2. you have not yet studied in China:

    • An application to the HMDK Stuttgart is only possible on presentation of a copy of a certificate of non-verifiability.
    • To receive one, you must be invited to take the entrance examination at HMDK Stuttgart.

    You can find further information at:


    Documentation of German language skills

    • Foreign applicants for a Bachelor program: Language course B 2
    • Foreign applicants for a Master program in Musicology and Music Pedagogy: language course C 2
    • In the case of insufficient knowledge of the German language, admission may be granted on condition that the applicant acquires such knowledge within six months and documents said knowledge in an examination. If the examination is failed, the admission granted will be cancelled.

    Important note:

    If the administration fee of 50 € has not been credited to our account in time, the application for the semester indicated will not be considered.

    In the case of applications for several courses of study, an appropriate number of application documents must be printed out and submitted in time. Incomplete applications or applications submitted too late cannot be handled/taken into consideration!