Tuition fees and contributions

    Tuition fee for summer semester 2024:

    Contribution to administrative costs  € 70,00
    Student union fee € 86,50
    TOTAL€ 156,50

    Tuition fee from the winter semester 2024/25:

    Contribution to administrative costs  € 70,00
    Student union fee € 96,50
    TOTAL€ 166,50

    Please note that additional tuition fees may apply (e.g., for foreign students from non-EU/non-EEA countries, second degree, concert exams, etc.). For details, please refer to the Overview of Fees and Contributions  and the Fee Statutes in the download area.

    If a study and examination regulation (as in the area of school music) stipulates that the study program must or can be completed through simultaneous enrolment at another higher education institution, the administrative fee must only be paid at the higher education institution where the main focus of the study program is located.

    Please transfer the amount to the account of the Landesoberkasse (LOK), stating the complete purpose of payment:

    • Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg
    • Bank: LBBW / BW-Bank Stuttgart
    • IBAN: DE02600501017495530102
    • Reason for payment: 
      8987200003227 - matriculation number - surname, first name; WiSe/SoSe year.

    Unfortunately, the previous direct debit procedure is currently not possible.

    Please note:
    The HMDK Stuttgart conducts the fee collection procedure (semester fee + any other fees) including the hearing electronically.
    Notifications of fees are only sent electronically or made available in the student portal (file card "Bescheide/Bescheinigungen").
    Fees and contributions for which a fee notice is not required can be found in the student portal under the "Payments" tab.
    Electronic access as defined by § 3a of the State Administrative Procedure Act (Landesverwaltungsverfahrensgesetz) is required for this. § 3a of the State Administrative Procedure Act (LVwVfG) is required for this.
    When you enter your email address or the HMDK Stuttgart provides you with an email address, access is deemed to have been opened in accordance with § 3a LVwVfG.
    If you can credibly show that electronic communication is not reasonable for you, exceptions are possible.

    An administrative fee in accordance with § 12 of the State University Fees Act (Landeshochschulgebührengesetz) of currently € 70 is payable per semester for administrative services.

    The obligation to pay the contribution to administrative costs arises upon enrolment or at the beginning of the respective semester, without the need for a fee notice. The contribution to administrative costs must also be paid in the case of leave of absence. Foreign students who are enrolled at the university on the basis of a cooperation agreement (including the Erasmus+ programme) are exempt from the obligation to pay the contribution.

    The contribution to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is a solidarity contribution that every student has to pay for one semester when re-registering at the university. This also applies if you do not wish to or are unable to use the services offered by the Studierendenwerk yourself (e.g. during a semester abroad or on holiday). You can find more information in the Studierendenwerk information sheet on the right (DOWNLOAD). The amount and composition of the Studierendenwerk fee can be found in the currently valid contribution regulations of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart (see DOWNLOAD).  
    If you have any further questions regarding the Studierendenwerk fee or the fee regulations, please contact the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart office at info(at)sw-stuttgart(dot)de.  

    The Studierendenwerk fee can be refunded upon exmatriculation under special conditions and deadlines for the semester in question. Further details can be found in the current contribution regulations § 6 of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

    Fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk

    If you have not met the re-enrollment deadline, a late fee of currently € 40 is due.

    In addition to the semester fees, there are other living costs. According to the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), living costs during your studies amount to approximately € 750 per month (DSW, June 2019). These costs include rent (the largest item at around € 300), costs for food, clothing and learning materials, travel costs, insurance costs, as well as costs for telephone, internet, long-distance and radio fees, and leisure activities. But of course, the actual need always depends on individual needs and the respective place of study.

    Broadcasting fees: Anyone who is of age and has their own flat must pay broadcasting fees. You can find the regulations that apply to students on the page: Broadcasting fee


    For enrolment or re-enrollment at the HMDK Stuttgart you will need proof of valid health insurance, as the university is legally obliged to register insured students with the relevant health insurance company. Please note the following:

    • Legally insured students:
      Students who have not yet reached the age of 25 can continue to be insured with their parents under the family insurance scheme. If you have a part-time job or earn money as part of an internship, for example, you should adhere to the earnings limit, otherwise this will affect your family insurance or you will be dropped from family insurance.
      For those who are not covered by family insurance, the favorable rates of the statutory student health and nursing care insurance apply until the age of 30 or until the completion of the 14th semester.
    • Information from the Deutschen Studierendenwerk

      The following applies to all students with statutory health insurance:
      Please inform your health insurance company that you are now studying at HMDK Stuttgart!

    • EU citizens with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are in principle exempt from insurance under the European Community Health Care System. However, you must have this confirmed by a statutory health insurance company.

    • If you are privately insured (either yourself or as a family member), you must obtain an exemption from statutory health insurance. To do this, you need to go to a statutory health insurance company with your private insurance policy and have yourself exempted from it. Important: This exemption cannot be revoked and is valid for the entire duration of your studies.

    This means the following for you:
    Please present your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or your private insurance card (plus the "Application for Exemption from Statutory Health Insurance") together with your matriculation certificate to a German statutory health insurance fund to confirm your insured status.

    The statutory health insurance company reports the insurance status to the university by secure and encrypted data transmission (§199a Abs. 2 Satz 2 SGB V).


    You will only be re-registered for the coming semester by the Registrar's Office (Ms. Rabe, Room 9.34) after you have paid the semester fee and any tuition fees.

    Re-enrollment takes place by transferring the semester fee and any applicable tuition fees. Please inform yourself in your student portal.

    Make sure that you state the purpose of payment (reference) completely and correctly. The 13-digit number (Kassenzeichen) is particularly important. Otherwise, it is not possible to allocate your payment to our university and this will delay your re-enrollment enormously. This is very inconvenient for you, as you will not be able to validate your student card or print out any certificates, and you will incur reminder fees of € 40.

    Your semester fee and any tuition fees must be received by us at the university no later than the last day of the re-enrollment period. Please note that this process can take up to 7 working days, as the money first goes to the Landesoberkasse and is then forwarded from there to the individual universities.

    Important notice:
    From the winter semester 2023/24, the StudiTicket will be discontinued and the solidarity contribution to the VVS will no longer apply. This means that the re-enrollment fee/semester fee (without tuition fee) will be as follows: 

    Current fees and contributions:

    Administrative fee € 70,00
    Student union fee€ 86,50
    € 156,50
    plus any applicable tuition fees

    from winter semester:

    Administrative fee € 70,00
    Student union fee€ 96,50
    € 166,50
    plus any applicable tuition fees

    Please transfer the money to the account of the Landesoberkasse (LOK), stating the correct reason for payment: 

    • Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart
    • Bank: LBBW / BW-Bank Stuttgart
    • IBAN: DE02600501017495530102
    • Reason for payment:
      8987200003227 - matriculation number - last name, first name; WiSe/SoSe year

    Payment deadlines for re-enrollment are:

    • Summer semester: 01–19 February
    • Winter semester: 01–19 July

    Please check your fee account regularly in order to avoid overdue fines and blocking of enrolment and re-enrollment.
    Separate notices regarding fees and contributions are not issued.