Students who intend to continue their studies in the coming semester should transfer their individual tuition fees during the » re-registration period.
    The exact amount of the tuition fees can be found in the student portal.

    The re-registration for the upcoming semester can be only carried out by the Registrar's Office after receiving the payment. You can re-register by bank transfer. You can find the required transfer data here.

    Please make sure that you state the purpose of transfer correctly.
    Your semester fee must reach us at the university on the last day of the re-registration period at the latest. Please note that this process can take up to seven working days, as the money will be transferred to the Landesoberkasse and will be then forwarded to the individual universities.

    Payment dates are

    • Summer Semester: 1st through 19th February
    • Winter Semester: 1st through 19th July

    if a study and examination regulation (as in the field of school music) stipulates that the study programme must or can be completed through simultaneous enrolment at another higher education institution, the administrative fee is only payable at the higher education institution at which the main focus of the study programme is located.

    Postgraduate Master's degree programmes and other postgraduate degree programmes are subject to tuition fees. Students in these programmes must pay additional tuition fees.
    Details can be found in the Fee Statutes in the download area.


    The administration fee (€ 70) as well as the current students’ union fee (services of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, € 86.50) and basic financing of the VVS-StudiTicket (€ 48.20) in Total € 204.70 (as of Summer Semester 2023) are to be paid per semester additionally.

    Please transfer, stating the correct purpose, to the account of the Landesoberkasse (LOK).

             Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart
             Bank: LBBW / BW-Bank Stuttgart
             IBAN: DE02600501017495530102
             BIC / SWIFT: SOLADEST600
             Purpose: 8987200003227–student ID-last name, first name; WiSe, SoSe year

    The current direct debit procedure is currently not possible.

    Administration Fee
    An administration fee of € 70 per semester is currently payable for administrative services. The obligation to pay the Administration Fee arises upon enrollment or at the beginning of the respective semester, without requiring a fee notice. The Administration Fee is also payable on leave of absence. Foreign students who are enrolled at the University on the basis of a cooperation agreement (including the Erasmus + program) are exempt from the contribution obligation.

    Student Union Fee
    The contribution to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is a solidarity contribution that each student has to pay for one semester when registering with the University. This also applies if you do not want to or cannot use the services offered by the Studierendenwerk yourself (e.g. during a semester abroad or on vacation). You can find more information on the right in the information sheet of the Studierendenwerk (DOWNLOAD). The amount and composition of the student union fee can be found in the actual applicable fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart (see DOWNLOAD).
    If you have any further questions about the student union fee or the fee regulations, please contact the secretariat of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart at info(at)sw-stuttgart(dot)de

    Information on the reduction of the Student Union FeeStudents with disabilities who are entitled to use local public transport free of charge - due to their disabled status, will be reimbursed for the contribution to the financing of the VVS StudiTicket upon application and upon presentation of the disabled person's ID card. Further details can be found in the current fee regulations § 5 of the Stuttgart Student Union.

    Information on the reimbursement of the Student Union Fee
    The student union fee can be reimbursed on request - under special conditions and deadlines for the relevant semester. Further details can be found in the current fee regulations § 6 of the Stuttgart Student Union.
    Fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk https://www.studierendenwerk-stuttgart.de/en/about-us/organisation/
    Late fee
    If you do not meet the re-registration deadline, a late fee of € 40 will be charged.

    Additional costs
    In addition to the regular semester fees, there are additional living expenses. According to the German Student Union (DSW), the cost of living during your studies is around € 750 per month (DSW, June 2019). These costs include rental costs (the largest item at approx. € 300), costs for food, clothing and learning materials, travel costs, insurance costs as well as costs for telephone, internet, radio and radio fees and for leisure activities. The actual costs always depend on the individual needs and the respective place of studies.

    Broadcasting license fee: If you are of majority age and have your own apartment, you must pay radio license fees. The regulations applicable to students can be found on the page: Broadcasting fee
    Students must always have Health and long-term Care Insurance: Those who have not yet reached the age of 25 can continue to be insured with the parents in the family insurance.
    Those who work on the side or as part of e.g. earning money from an internship should comply with the earnings limit, otherwise this will affect family insurance or you will fall out of family insurance.
    For those not insured with the family, the favorable tariff of the statutory student health and nursing insurance applies until the age of 30 or until the end of the 14th semester.
    Information from the German Student Union:

    Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Röser, Ms Herter and Ms Lim-Pirk from the Admin/Students Office/Exam Office.