Courses of study start each year in either the winter or summer semesters. For the following Bachelor degree programs you can only enroll in the winter semester: acting, speech training, figure theater and Jazz/Pop. You will be told the exact time of enrollment with your letter of acceptance. You need to comply with this enrollment term. When enrolling please hand in the following:

    • An official form of identification with a photo.

    • A certificate or some other proof of health insurance. It is obligatory for all students to have health insurance. If you do not pay your health insurance contributions you will be un-enrolled. Please tell us immediately if you change your health insurance.

    • Some proof of payment of the tuition fee. The fee consists of the tuition fee, the contribution to the Studentenwerk and the registration fee.

    • International applicants have to ensure that they have a valid residence permit in addition to their university entry qualification. Please note this is your responsibility.

    If you fail to submit these documents as required and no later than the enrollment date, we will be able to revoke your acceptance to the university. In individual cases the rector’s decision on deadlines is final.


    Existing students who wish to continue their studies have to participate in the online-declaration for the continuation of studies – the dates are as follows:

    • For the summer semester between January 2-19

    • For the winter semester between June 1-19

    You will find the online declaration on our website under enrollment/re-enrollment. If you need any help please refer to our „Leitfaden zur Online-Erklärung (Guide to the online declaration)” or contact the faculty offices or student’s registration office. For re-enrollment your can use our PC-workstation, room 6.09.  

    Students who do not wish to re-enroll online are requested to use the remittance slips of the Landesoberkasse Karlsruhe exclusively for this purpose. The remittance slips are available in the exams office, room 9.33. The same terms apply to international transfers. Please do not make any bank transfers to the music university’s account.

    If you miss the re-enrollment period we will charge you an extra €40 fee.

    Students who do not re-enroll within the given statutory period will be un-enrolled according to LHG § 62,2,

    Temporary interruption of studies

    If you wish to apply for a temporary interruption of studies please do so before the start of the lecture period. After that we will not be able to pay back your tuition fee. In case of any health issues, or pregnancy, it is possible to apply for a temporary interruption of studies after the start of the lecture period, you will, however, be expected to provide a medical certificate.

    You can find application forms for a temporary interruption of studies on the black metal shelves situated in front of the exams office, level 9, room 9.33.

    Please be aware that you will still have to re-enroll and have to pay the Studentenwerk contribution as well as the processing fee, even in cases of a temporary interruption of studies.

    Extended studies or classes/ exoneration from studies or classes

    Submit a reasoned request, signed by the major field of studies lecturer, to the pro-rector’s office.

    You can find application forms on the black metal shelves in front of the exams office, level 9, room 9.33 or on this site in the download box.  

    Change of university

    If you want to change university you will – together with your letter of acceptance – receive an invitation from the pro-rector for an evaluation of your skills. For more information please click here.