E-Learning (Moodle)

    Dear students,
    Dear guest students,

    Despite the Corona crisis and the circumstances caused by, all lecturers and academic staff of the University are trying to develop a course offer that is adapted to the situation, in order to prepare courses, that can be offered at least partially and to a limited extent. The preparations are not yet complete.

    Please bear in mind that it is not yet clear in all cases whether and how a seminar, exercise, lecture or other types of events can take place.

    In the e-learning area of the HMDK Stuttgart, which can be accessed via https://learning.hmdk-stuttgart.de/ you can get a first overview of the previously adapted courses that are available in the week after Easter until April 20, 2020 which may be expanded with further courses.

    Here you will find courses from the following areas:

    • Campus Gegenwart
    • Elementary Music Pedagogy     
    • Aural Skills
    • Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy
    • Composition
    • Music Theory
    • Music Pedagogy
    • Music Education
    • Musicology
    • Practical piano playing at school
    • Speech Arts and Communication Pedagogy

    As student please register in the e-learning area for the courses listed there. Registering for the courses offered, please follow the steps mentioned:

    1. If you do not yet have an account in the e-learning area, please create a new user account with your HMDK email address (stud.hmdk-stuttgart.de)
    2. Then register directly in the courses offered there via the e-learning environment.

    An (additional) message to the lecturer is usually not necessary. Guest students should first contact the lecturer by email.
    If you should have any problems or technical difficulties please inform our administrator, Mr. Markus Linsner (admin(at)hmdk-stuttgart(dot)de).