Continuing Education Programs



    The contact study is part of Stuttgart’s University of Music’s advanced training range and is intended for advanced musicians who want to deepen their knowledge or, for example, might want to prepare for an admission’s test.

    The contact study is organized under private law and offered by mh-stuttgart GmbH, a subsidiary of the University of Music Stuttgart. If you are interested in participating in contact study and our advanced training offers, you will need the consent of one of our major subject lecturers. You will, however, still be required to pass the university’s entrance exam to determine your standard.

    The mh-stuttgart GmbH will charge you an individually set fee. Advanced training participants are not enrolled at the University, but have the right to use the University’s practice offers and the university member’s library.

    After completing contact study you will receive a certificate from the University confirming your participation in an advanced training program at university level.

    Advanced training can accommodate most wishes, however it does very much depend upon what is agreed individually. Normally, the following subjects would be available at advanced training level: all instrumental and vocal modules, conducting, composition, music theory and musicology.