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The Studio Instrumental pedagogy is the university’s platform for all matters relating to teaching training with respect to instrument pedagogy (including methodology for areas such as: singing, speaking, elementary music pedagogy and music theory / new media). The extended sphere surrounding the heads of the methodology seminar encourages discussions on content and structure relating to study programs. They also respond to questions relating to issues at the university level, are represented in committees and co-ordinate additional events to complement the regular study programs.

The Studio for Instrumental and Voice pedagogy forms a living platform within the university and are predominantly concerned with aspects of teaching training in the areas of Instrumental and Voice Education and Elementary Music Education. The constant dialog on matters such as the content and structure of study programs requires an environment of permanent debate to track current developments in the areas of Instrumental and Voice pedagogy and this allows a clear profiling of the study program. As a result, the inner sphere of the methodology seminar then becomes open to external suggestions and perspectives: ideas and considerations for other faculties are also included in the discussion as well as those from specially invited guest speakers.

The Studio also functions as a committee addressing relevant questions within the university and therefore guiding and enriching internal university processes.

One of the key benefits we offer our students is the supplementary program consisting of special additional events that complement the regular lectures, seminars, workshops and lessons. These provide the students with a means of gaining access to new areas of Instrumental and Voice pedagogy from which they can enrich their experience.

Central study program: Methodology seminar; Teacher training / Coaching Additional events: Specialist seminars / Block seminars (obligatory attendance for participants of the Methodology seminar) Members of the Studio Conference consist of representatives from: All the heads of the Pedagogy Methodology seminars for Instrumental and Voice Pedagogy, the Music theory / New Media and Elementary Music Pedagogy, one representative from Music Education, one representative from Aural Training Didactics, representatives from School Music Pedagogy and finally, but by no means least, two representatives taken from the student body.