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    PEP  PolyEnsembleProject 


    The PolyEnsembleProject is a platform that integrates different (project) ensembles and has been in operation since the winter semester of 2008/09:

    • The School music ensemble
    • The Composers’ ensemble
    • The Masters’ ensemble
    • The Class ensemble: to date 4 tubas / 3 violas and 3 harps / 9 violins / 7 violoncellos
    • The New Strings workshop
    • The Improvisation group
    • The Real-time ensemble
    • The members of the Stirling ensemble Stuttgart (SEnS)

    Integrating cooperative concerts and projects

    • Concerts with a diverse program and a wide aesthetic spectrum
    • Educational projects
    • Projects that include specialists
    • Research projects within the framework of the New Music studio
    • Workshops and seminars
    • Collaborations with internal partners: composition classes, figure theatre and so on
    • Cooperation with external partners: for example festivals, concert events, art museums, schools, universities and so on.

    with the objective of creating a synergy between the students of the instrumental classes, school music, composing and conducting. We are especially proud of the variety of events and courses that we provide for students of school music.

    The concept includes: basic training in notation, advanced playing techniques, playing as a group and so on, up to concert performances of new complex scores and experimental research projects ─ overall students are exposed to a comprehensive examination of new ensemble music.  

    Christof M Löser is the Director of the PEP in co-operation with the instrumental and composition staff of the university, and under the umbrella of the Studio for New Music.