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    Uraufführungen aus den Kompositionsklassen


    works by 6 different generations of composers
    all the way from China to Germany (the "extended" silk road!)

    Luigi Nono (1924-90)
    3. Satz aus „Io, frammento da Prometeo“

    Sandra Bildmann, Soprano acuto

    Yohnah Park, Sopran
    Linda Bennett, Sopran
    Emmanuelle Chimento, Sopran
    Cecilia Seo, Sopran
    Leandra Nitzsche, Mezzosopran
    Maria Magdalena Wessel, Mezzosopran

    Karin Oehler, Dirigentin

    Can Boerescu (*2002)
    "Igneus" for flute solo (first ever performance)

    This is the first piece Can composed in a more atonal style, being at the near starting point of his life in music, when he chose to delve deeper into art, rather than to leave it as a hobby. Having no idea how far deep it would take him…

    Gabriele Mastrototaro, Flöte

    Yukun Zhang (*2005)
    "Im Proberaum vor Sonnenuntergang"

    For a clarinetist and a double bassist (incomplete solo test version with only double bass part).
    Composed July 25, 2023, in the rehearsal room at Tsinghua University, Peking, before sunset with Mia.

    David Cheema, Kontrabass

    Jug Marković (*1987)
    born in winter (for cello, 2019/2023)

    Music for all the winterborn comrades out there

    Sebastian Triebener, Violoncello

    Vahid E. Hosseini (*1984)
    "Studio II" - 2021 for bass flute (first ever performance)

    The idea of time may be of a more human nature if one sets the defining point on a physiological phenomenon. In "Studio II" time is defined not by the metronome or clock, but by the lung capacity of the performer. Thus the flutist becomes an integral part of the composition, and the piece will be different by definition from performer to performer.

    Cassandra Chong, Bassflöte

    Lorenzo Marino (*1998)
    Nuga (2022)

    Nuga, awarded the Premio Nazionale delle Arti and Premio Valentino Bucchi, the title is inspired by the same Latin word, which indicates (in its use from Catullus to Petrarch) things of little importance, trifles, or at most literary compositions to which the author himself does not give or says he does not want to give weight or importance.

    Hohoe Kaya, Viola

    Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)
    "Kottos" (1977)

    Sebastian Triebener, Violoncello

    Vahid E. Hosseini
    Mur (A SoundsTheatre) - 2021/24  for two Sopranos (first ever performance)

    The mystery is heightened with the realisation that one and one makes three!
    Originally Mur is an ancient singing form, with funeral or epic themes, from the Zagros mountains in Iran.

    Yohnah Park, Sopran Cecilia Seo, Sopran

    Roberto Conz (*1955)
    Schumann/Conz | Geistervariationen Suite (1848 – 2021) - per pianoforte
    I. Objet retrouvé VI - Geistervariationen - Thema e variazione II. Schhh!... - da Album für die Jugend, n.1 III. …humann - da Album für die Jugend, n.1 IV. Objet retrouvé III - Mignon - op.68 V. Mignon - In Memoriam VI. Dahin I

    Yukun Zhang, Klavier