Recording studio


    How do I book a recording session?
    Who can book a recording session?
    What does the recording studio do?

    The recording studio produces – according to its order of priority – audio and visual recordings.  We produce audio mixings for broadcasting in real-time and in PA. We can also produce and rework in multi-track audio technology. Each member of the University can use the recording studio for productions and recordings, they will however, have to demonstrate a legitimate need to do so, for example:

    • you would like to register for a competition,
    • you have to apply in order to boost your career,
    • you have to submit recordings for one of your classes,

    and so on.

    Projects are agreed within the specialized group Jazz classes. As a rule, students are permitted to use the recording studio once a year if, for example, they require a demo CD to boost their career.
    Occasionally, it could be the case that a day is not sufficient e.g. to produce a CD, in such cases you may be allowed to book the studio for the remaining time.

    Requests for appointments are to be agreed by telephone or in writing.

    In addition to the date you would like please also state the following: your name, lecturer, reason, instrumentation and how we can contact you (e.g. telephone number, email address).
    For the recording date please bring along any correction documents (sheet music or text book) for the recording engineer.

    Please inform us of any project requests in good time as bookings tend to fill up quickly.

    For their own projects and recordings, HMDK students can borrow media technology such as cameras, microphones and mixing consoles by arrangement. Please send an e-mail request to: Medientechnik(at)hmdk-stuttgart(dot)de

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