Term Dates and Exam Deadlines

    Summer Semester 2020

    Summer Semester 15.03.2020–14.09.2020
    Lecture Period Postponed to 20.04.2020
    Whitsun Holidays 02.06.2020–05.06.2020
    Re-enrollment (Winter Semester 2020/21) 01.06.2020–19.06.2020
    Registration for Optional Courses Starting online via our website 10.06.2020
    Lecture-free period 11.07.2020–04.10.2020
    Start of Lecture Period Winter Semesters 2020/21 (Vorlesungszeit) 05.10.2020
    Registration for exams Registration for module exams with respective teacher during the exam semester
    Extension of deadline: Registration for major and compulsory subject exams for Bachelor Teaching/School Music GYMPO in Summer Semester 2020 – to May 15, 2020. Please go to the Exam Office, room 9.33
    Registration for module exams in Church music until 15.05.2020 at secretary’s office Faculty III, room 9.07
    Extension of deadline: Registration for final exams in major subject in Summer Semester 2020 until 15.05.2020 at Exam Office, room 9.33
    Registration for final exams GymPO Extension of deadline: until 15.05.2020 at the Exam Office, room 9.33
    Application period for Admission/Entrance Test for Winter Semester 2020/21 05.03.2020–15.04.2020 online via the start side of our website. Entrance exam dates for the study subjects will be announced in time.

    Admission/Entrance Test for Winter Semester 2020/21

    Recorder & Baroque Oboe tba
    Stage Exam Opera tba
    Harpsichord tba
    Choral Conducting BA/MA 27.05.2020    
    Elementary Music Pedagogy 15. & 16.06.2020
    Supplementary Studies in Methodology tba
    Bassoon 23.06.2020
    Puppetry and Animation tba
    Voice 25.6., 02.–04.07.2020  
    Guitar 04.06.2020
    Harp tba
    Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy tba
    Jazz & Pop 25.05.–28.05.2020
    Chamber Music 22.06.2020
    Church Music tba
    Piano 29.06.–01.07.2020  
    Piano Improvisation, MA 03.07.2020
    Clarinet 28.05.2020
    Composition/ Computer Music tba
    Double Bass tba
    Correpetition tba
    Teaching Degree Program, BA 08. & 09.06.2020 
    Master of Education, MEd (Teaching Degree Program) 08. & 09.06.2020
    Lied Interpretation Voice, MA tba
    Lied Interpretation Piano, MA tba
    Media Speaking, MA tba
    Music Theory tba
    Musicology tba
    Oboe 15.06.2020
    Voice Performane Opera, MA tba
    Orchestra Conducting tba
    Organ tba
    Transverse Flute 22.06.2020
    Rhetoric Communication, MA tba
    Classical Saxophone tba
    Percussion tba
    Speech Art / Speech Training tba
    Speech Art, MA tba
    Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tuba tba
    Additional Subject Jazz (Teaching Degree Program) tba
    Viola tba
    Violin tba
    Violoncello 01. & 02.07.2020   
    Weiterbildungs-Master Blasorchesterleitung 22.06.2020

    Winter Semester 2020/21

    Winter Semester 15.09.2020–14.03.2021
    Lecture Period 05.10.2020–13.02.2021
    Christmas Holidays 23.12.2020–08.01.2021

    Summer Semester 2021

    Summer Semester 15.03.2021–14.09.2021
    Lecture Period 22.03.2021–09.07.2021
    Whitsun Holidays 25.05.2021–28.05.2021

    Winter Semester 2021/22

    Winter Semester 15.09.2021–14.03.2022
    Lecture Period 04.10.2021–11.02.2022
    Christmas Holidays 23.12.2021–07.01.2022

    Summer Semester 2022

    Summer Semester 15.03.2022–14.09.2022
    Lecture Period 28.03.2022–15.07.2022
    Whitsun Holidays 07.06.2022–10.06.2022

    Winter Semester 2022/23

    Winter Semester 15.09.2022–14.03.2023
    Lecture Period 04.10.2022–10.02.2023
    Christmas Holidays 23.12.2022–06.01.2023

    Summer Semester 2023

    Summer Semester 15.03.2023–14.09.2023
    Lecture Period 27.03.2023–14.07.2023
    Whitsun Holidays 30.05.2023–02.06.2023

    Winter Semester 2023/24

    Winter Semester 15.09.2023–14.03.2024
    Lecture Period 04.10.2023–09.02.2024
    Christmas Holidays 23.12.2023–05.01.2024

    Summer Semester 2024

    Summer Semester 15.03.2024–14.09.2024
    Lecture Period 25.03.2024–12.07.2024
    Whitsun Holidays 21.05.2024–24.05.2024

    Winter Semester 2024/25

    Winter Semester 15.09.2024–14.03.2025
    Lecture Period 07.10.2024–14.02.2025
    Christmas Holidays 23.12.2024–03.01.2025

    Summer Semester 2025

    Summer Semester 15.03.2025–14.09.2025
    Lecture Period 24.03.2025–11.07.2025
    Whitsun Holidays 10.06.2025–13.06.2025