Re-enrollment, change of address and certificate for students of the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

    IMPORTANT: Students who do not wish to re-enroll online are requested only to use the remittance slips from the Landesoberkasse Karlsruhe for this purpose. You will find the remittance slips in the exams office, room 9.33. The same applies to transfers from an international account.

    Please do not make any bank transfers to the University’s account!

    It is easy to re.enroll using the online re-enrollment feature. This feature also allows you to inform us of any change in your personal circumstances such as a change of address, or telephone number and so on. In addition, you can also inform us of any documentation that you may require from us and also download and print off such documents once they are ready, for example, certificates or confirmation slips and so on.

    Important note for new users:
    When using the online re-enrollment for the first time, you will have to log in with the following details: as username "Benutzername" use your registration number and as password "Passwort" use your full birth date entering the date in the following format, for example, 24121988, if you were born on the 24.12.1988.

    Confirm by clicking "OK".

    Existing students wishing to continue with their studies will have to participate in the online declaration on continuing studies during the following dates:

    • For the summer semester: January 2–19
    • For the winter semester: June 1–19

    In order to complete the online declaration you have to have paid your tuition fees.  

    Any more information or help on the online declaration is available in the faculty offices or the student registration office (room 9.33).

    To re-enroll you can use our PC workstations (room 6.09) in the University of Music.

    Students who not fill out the declaration  are being un-enrolled (§ 62, Abs.2 Landeshochschulgesetz). If you miss the re-enrollment period we will charge you an extra €40-00 fee.