Cooperation partners

    Acting Studio

    In the fourth year of studies, all eight students are sent out in pairs to four co-operating theatres that are involved in the so-called Acting Studio Stuttgart co-operative program. During this time the students are classed as “Trainees”. During this time, the students are integrated into existing ensembles for a complete season where they will work alongside colleagues of all ages, get to know various directors and above all get the chance to act in varied situations, for example: rehearsals in the mornings and evenings, performances, excursions and guest performances!

    Students retain their enrolled status during this time, despite them not being present at the university and they are also treated as special members of each respective ensemble. Each student is assigned a mentor, mentors provide help and advice on any number of issues, whether questions of an artistic nature or of a more general nature relating to theatre operations.

    The Acting Studio co-operation is an integral part of your studies, hence you will not receive any pay during your time there, however, they are entitled to a performance fee, which is the same for all of the theatres involved in the Acting Studio co-operation. In return, the theatres agree to allow the students to appear in other theatres if they wish. Students should note that there are a couple of exceptions to this rule, for example, rehearsals and performances. However, if a student is made an offer of employment then this does, of course, take precedence over an Acting Studio production.

    Absolventen 2019
    im Schauspielstudio 

    Jelena Kunz & Giovanni Funiati
    am Schauspiel der Staatstheater Stuttgart 

    Thorsten Rodenberg
    am Staatstheater Mainz 

    Lua Barros Heckmanns & Daniel Dietrich
    am Staatstheater Darmstadt 

    Lorena Handschin & Arwen Schünke & Sebastian Kempf
    am Nationaltheater Mannheim  

    In ihr erstes Festengagement gehen
    ab der Spielzeit 2019/20

    Daniel Dietrich
    an das E.T.A Hoffmann Theater in Bamberg

    Lorena Handschin
    an das Deutsche Theater in Berlin

    Jelena Kunz
    an das Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern

    Thorsten Rodenberg
    an das Saarländische Staatstheater in Saarbrücken.