Institute for Musicology, Music Pedagogy and Aesthetic

Faculty I

The institute connects the following scientific subjects: musicology, music pedagogy and music education. As further pedagogical disciplines there are elementary music pedagogy (EMP) and school practical piano playing.

Courses range from overview lectures and introductory courses in the Bachelor undergraduate degree courses for music (for students of all faculties) to a clear emphasis on music for secondary school teachers, and advanced postgraduate Master’s degree courses in musicology and music pedagogy; for the latter two courses Stuttgart offers a doctoral degree. There are several emphases in research – as represented by the individual staff members – which find their forum in symposia, lecture series and book projects (e.g. “Stuttgarter Musikwissenschaftliche Schriften).

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft supports the „Stuttgarter Modell“, which provides new options for young music school teachers in education and advanced education. And there are organization-wide assignments such as the design and monitoring of bigger events at the university in general.