International Office


    The international office will answer any of your questions or concerns relating to an international stay at our university. Our responsibilities include (to name but a few):

    for students of the State University of Music Stuttgart:

    • Giving advice and information on stays abroad and scholarships/ financing
    • Offering advice and support to outgoing ERASMUS students

    for international students attending our university:

    • Giving advice and support to new incoming ERASMUS students, and also for Freemovers
    • Providing advice and support to the program students
    • Housing agency

    for teachers of the university:

    • Providing support to lecturer mobility under ERASMUS

    General information (semester abroad)

    For many German students a period of study abroad is a very enriching experience. But where to start when planning your stay abroad? What options do you have, and how do you organize your stay?  You can find out more in a new publication entitled: "go out! das magazin".

    The magazine was produced in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) joint campaign known as "go out! studieren weltweit". You can find a link to the online version in the download area. (on the right)