Concerts and events

    Stuttgart Organ Academy 2019


    HMDK Stuttgart | 7–11 July 2019
    Kloster Obermarchtal | 12–14 July 2019

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    Welcome to Stuttgart!

    We look forward to seeing you at our Organ Academy in Stuttgart. The Organ Institute here has a unique collection of first-class instruments in various historic styles, available 24 hours per day. With our guests, Daniel Roth and Kit Downes (Jazz organ) and all the teachers of the Institute, we expect an intense and amicable week focused on organ music. See you there!

    Jörg Halubek
    Jürgen Essl

    To the program details

    Mit freundlicher Unterstützung

    Part 1

    HMDK Stuttgart | 07.–11.07.2019
    Urbanstraße 25, 70182 Stuttgart

    Central course

    • Prof. Daniel Roth


    • Prof. Helmut Deutsch, Organ
    • Kit Downes, Organ
    • Prof. Jürgen Essl, Organ
    • Prof. Jörg Halubek, Organ
    • Prof. Dr. Ludger Lohmann, Organ
    • Prof. Johannes Mayr, Organ improvisation
    • Prof. Stefania Neonato, DMA, Fortepiano
    • Tobias Wittmann, Organ improvisation

    Presentation (lecture recitals)

    • Dr. Markus Uhl
    • KMD Prof. Jörg-Hannes Hahn
    • Tobias Horn
    • Johannes Fiedler

    Courses and lectures

    Part 2

    Kloster Obermarchtal | 12.–14.07.2019
    Klosteranlage 2/1, 89611 Obermarchtal

    Study trips and repertoire

    • Obermarchtal (Holzhey)
Bach in the south, C.P.E. Bach, Frenchmen, Improvisation
    • Rot an der Rot (Holzhey)

      Frenchmen; Improvisation | Prof. Jürgen Essl
    • Ochsenhausen (Gabler)

Bach in the south; Improvisation | Prof. Jürgen Essl
    • Ottobeuren (Riepp)
      Frenchmen | Prof. Jörg Halubek
    • Wolfegg (Hör)
Muffat, Kerll, Froberger; Improvisation | Prof. Dr. Ludger Lohmann
    • Weingarten (Gabler)
Bach in the south, Improvisation | Prof. Dr. Ludger Lohmann