Concerts and events

    So 01.10
    11:30 Uhr
    HMDK Stuttgart
    Eintritt frei

    13. Studentisches Figurentheaterfestival

    11.30 Uhr   
    Opernprobebühne, Urbansplatz 2

    top floor    
    Workshop with Clair Heggen
    Max. 16 Personen. Teilnahme mit Anmeldung möglich
    14:30 Uhr    
    Bewegungsraum Figurentheater, Urbansplatz 2 (1. Stock)

    „Oxigenoterapia Hiperbárica“ - Fanny Davio
    A scientist is experimenting with pressure in different forms. From pressure to depression, from the atmosphere to the stillness of the earth’s center. Instalation with hand-picked Materials. Short piece from the puppetry master in Mons/Tournai, Belgium

    15.00 Uhr    
    Schauspielabteilung Urbanstraße 25

    „Belly Bitches“
    Where's the bacon?
    Show instead of hiding, right?
    A search. Videoinstallation and Performance
    Performer: Leonie Wegner und Katharina Petrova  

    16.00 Uhr    
    Figurentheaterbühne, Urbansplatz 2 (1. Stock)

    „Minute in the Dark“ by Ewa Galica

    This is a story about the meeting of two species - the Wise Homo Sapiens and the Burying Beetle. A performance in which unobvious intuitions about posthumanism are combined with the topic of dealing with mourning and death. Short piece from the puppetry master in Mons/Tournai, Belgium