Stuttgart Master Classes for Voice Art and New Music Theatre 2022

    14.–18. February 2022

    Robeat is one of the most talented beatboxers in the world. He has been a fixture in the event and gala sector for years. His exceptional talent always leaves the audience speechless. As a “human beatbox” – equipped only with microphone and voice – he demonstrates the high art of oral acrobatics. He cleverly spikes his distinctive style, which is composed of hard techno beats, fast drum-and-base rhythms and soft hip-hop sounds, with excursions into the world of singing and comedy.

    Verena Weiss, who studied dance at the Cologne Musikhochschule, was subsequently engaged by Carolyn Carlson in her Paris Company. She was a member of Reinhild Hoffmann‘s legendary Bremen Dance Theatre for six years before producing her own work. For several seasons she was director of the Tanztheater Luzern. From 2011 to 2021 she taught as a professor for movement at the Drama School of the HMDK Stuttgart.

    Prof. Angelika Luz As singer, director and head of the Studio for Voice Art and New Music Theatre she will work with the participants on the whole range of new music from Aperghis to Berio, Cage or Hölszky to Xenakis or Zender, as soloists or in chamber music ensembles, caonertante or staged.

    MO, 14.02.– FR, 18.02.2022
    public lessons and rehearsals
    in the orchestra rehearsal room (OPR) and seminar room 7.43

    DI, 15.02.2022, 19 h Susanne Zargar Swiridoff
    Lecture “The sound of the voice in the cultures of the world”
    – Kaleidoscope of the voice with audio examples in dialogue with anecdotes and knowledge transfer on the basic features of different cultures and their musical perceptions.

    FR, 18.02.2022, 19 h Orchestra rehearsal room (OPR), free entry
    Final concert with
    Robeat, Verena Weiss, Angelika Luz & course participants