How to become a speaker, voice coach, speech teacher, rhetoric coach, presenter, commercial speaker, audio book speaker, newsreader

We combine a great variety of the different aspects of orality in the range of subjects that you can study as a part of the arts and pedagogy of speech. Dealing with the spoken word artistically is fundamental to all of the institute’s courses. This approach gives the institute its unique direction. The students are prepared to act as speakers on stage or at the microphone, or to work as speech coaches and communication trainers.


An admission test is required for all courses. Students completing the 8 semester Bachelor’s degree in spoken art and speech training will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts plus a Diploma supplement.
Besides the artistic main classes, the BA course includes media speaking, rhetoric, German studies, speech communication, phonetics, vocal physiology and anatomy, teaching practice, applied theatre, physical education, rhythmics and singing.
You can begin considering specializations in your advanced undergraduate studies (as of the 5th semester). Here, students have the opportunity to pursue their special talents and interests and - depending on their vocational goals - to extend the following fields of study:

  • Spoken art / singing
  • Media speaking
  • Rhetoric communication
  • Speech training

The choice of profile is complemented by a 6-week internship. During this time you will have the opportunity to build upon your practical experience, and also network with a view to establishing contacts for your career in the profession after graduating. Since 2010, we have been offering three Master’s degree courses which have a clear focus on spoken art, rhetoric and media speaking.

Career opportunities

Graduates work in a variety of areas. They speak on radio and television, they teach at universities, at artistic and pedagogic colleges and they are at theatres and opera schools and work as rhetoric trainers in politics, associations and free trade.
(see also the profiles of our alumni)

Recording Studio & Literary Performances

  • Media speaking

For those of you who decide to follow advanced studies in media speaking, you will have access to a studio specially designed for voice recording. Here you will be able to work on collaborative projects and use professional equipment. The institute’s BA and MA students were involved, for example, in AD 235: Schatten über dem Limes (Docu-drama, Hochschule der Medien), Lyrisches Epitaph auf einen Kopfbahnhof (audio drama by Christian Hörburger, Südwestrundfunk) and as speakers in various audio stations of the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg.

  • Studio for spoken art

The ”Studio for spoken art“ is an institution dedicated to the vocal implementation and performance of literary work.  You will have the opportunity to work in a project-related and interdisciplinary environment. Typically, you can expect to work in cooperation with singers, instrumentalists and ensembles as well as with performers from the course figure theatre. Commissioned works were created for the Marbach Literature Archive, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stadtpalais Stuttgart, Dominikanerorden Deutschland, Internationale Hesse Gesellschaft Calw, Christian Wagner Gesellschaft Leonberg, Hermann Haake Stiftung, Landtag Baden-Württemberg, among others.