Institute for Piano

Faculty III


With its 25 teachers (professors, lecturers) the institute for piano covers an essential study program: Bachelor and Master Degree (main field of study), concert exam, music for secondary school teachers (additional and main instrument), minor field of study piano (mandatory and optional courses). In addition to their soloist training, the Master’s degree offers pianists the opportunity to gain a specialization in piano-chamber music, piano-duo, co-repetition, Lied interpretation and New music. Your training is characterized by international podium experience, pedagogic competence and multifaceted knowledge combined with a modern professional image. 

Since the conversion to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) system, several complex study plans are available in a versatile choice of profiles (16): e.g. style bound improvisation, historic keyboard instruments and performance practice, co-repetition with the opportunity of work related experience at the Staatsheater Stuttgart, score and bass continuo and so on.  Additional courses include: chamber music  (Prof. Florian Wiek), introductory courses in New Music (Prof. Nicolas Hodges), piano duo (Prof. Hans-Peter Stenzl) and Lied courses (Prof. Cornelis Witthoefft).

Cross-Over (Prof. Siegfried Eipper/Prof. Wolfgang Bloser) offers like ”Literature studies for pianists“, “Analysis and interpretation of piano work“ help to intensify and communicate essential approaches to structure and text.

 ”Open classes“ with Prof. Kirill Gerstein creates a master-class platform for public pianistic reflection of the work and your own artistic personality.

Prof. Peter Nagy complements the institute for piano as yet another international pianist personality. The educational-methodical training in the BA course has been resumed successfully by Prof. Ulrike Wohlwender.