Institute for Organ and Historic Keyboard Instruments

Faculty III

Of the almost 60 students in the institute – usually about a third of them are foreign students. Roughly one half of these students study church and/or school music, and the other half study artistic training.

Our teaching staff has a high-profile international presence on the concert circuit adding to the faculty’s prestige and reflected in the masters’ courses. Consequently, the institute has an international reputation that carries weight beyond Germany’s borders. The institute is recognized internationally as being one of the most important educational centers for organ studies. Dating back as far as the 1980s, the university was the first in Germany to consequently implement knowledge of historic performance practice. Amongst the numerous graduates from various countries, there are prize winners of almost all important international organ competitions.

We have a unique collection that consists of 10 organs of various historic styles, and more than 20 harpsichords, clavichords and fortepianos which means that you can train and practice in any number of styles. Monthly organ guides and concerts make this collection available to the general public, and give the students the opportunity to gain concert experience. Regular organ excursions deepen the knowledge of the most important styles in organ building. Guest lectures support the in-depth style study of special areas. Since 2008, students from all over the world flock to the annual organ academy.  

The excellent quantity and quality in the institute’s personnel and instrumental resources is rooted in the university’s history.

The university’s first rector was the organist Immanuel Faisst, needless to say that piano and organ always had a special place in the university’s history and development.