Music pedagogy

The music pedagogy course has become increasingly differentiated in recent years. So much so, that since the winter semester of 2010/2011 the students have more options, so that now in addition to music education, elementary music pedagogy and instrumental pedagogy students can now study (general education) music pedagogy in Stuttgart with 3 areas of particular emphasis: historic, systematic (e.g. culture political or – comparative) and empiric-analytical (e.g. research about musical taste, talent research or teaching research).

Teaching assignments are awarded on an annual basis in keeping with current trends. As a result, we can offer up-to-date courses such as playing music in classrooms, pop music or youth cultures. In addition, the Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sports has made it possible for us to use highly-qualified music teachers from regional secondary schools to support teaching practice, thus giving our students the opportunity to experience work-shadowing by teaching real school classes with different focuses and under expert supervision.